Please don’t judge Tunisia. (VIDEO)

I recently got back from a very, very beautiful and relaxing and generally lovely holiday.

Ever since, I’ve had the classic post-holiday questions “ooh you’re brown, been away?” “Where did you go?” and suchlike, (although maybe not so much the former as factor 50 is literally my best pal).

Naturally in light of the recent and utterly devastating events there, when I tell people I was in Sousse in Tunisia, it’s awkward. People are sorry they asked, and I’m sorry that that’s the case.

Because of the complete insanity of one individual and his destructive cause, Tunisia is no longer seen as the wonderfully sunny and welcoming face of North Africa and the Arabic countries that it deserves to be.

Which quite frankly SUCKS because it is so incredible and it’s devastating really because it hasn’t changed in itself whatsoever. Tourism is a big part of the Tunisian economy and ‘IS’ are playing on that by trying to alienate the west from going, in the basest most shocking way possible.

I heard a great quote on the radio from a British holidaymaker currently staying at the resort in the wake of the attack; “We saved up all year for this, if we didn’t come we’d just be giving them what they want, letting them win”.

Respect to those brave Brits, obviously it is terrifying and I’m in no way judging those who changed their plans! All I’m saying is, please please don’t judge Tunisia.


I had the privilege of staying with family at their lovely home a little way out into the country side, and from there we visited a few different places and beaches, all utterly stunning. One of my favourites being the cliff-top town of Hergla, with its quaint, traditional architecture and secluded white sand beaches.

Sunny Hergla.

This trip also really opened my eyes to how beautiful Islam is.

For instance Ramadan, I had no idea that aside from not eating, people observing it can’t smoke or take medicine or even drink water during daylight hours!

At first, I found this unfathomable and couldn’t see how it fitted into modern life.

But when my lovely aunt, who was observing the fast, explained the idea of going without things to be grateful that you have them, I started to get it.

Then it came to the setting of the sun and just thinking about all the families gathered together, working away to prepare and share a meal and be grateful for what they have, I found it pretty moving.

I could go on all day about the fun things I did, the beautiful things I saw and the wonderful welcoming people I met.

But instead of doing that, I spent much more of my time making a video so you could spend a bit less time watching rather than reading all my potentially never-ending ramblings. (I’m nice me).

I was always intending to make a video out of my holiday footage, I have a Go Pro you see and it’s tonnes of fun. After what happened I was hesitant, but I still want to show anyone who’ll look how swell it was, and encourage them not to think badly of Tunisia and more specifically the gorgeous Sousse/Kantaoui area where I visited and unfortunately the shooting took place.

Click below to see the fruits of my labour, and if you can; click the settings wheel and up the video quality, it’s prettier in HD.

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