I’m going to Australia!

Well Woo to the hoo!

About a year ago I realised that I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to be/do.
So I set my heart on the only thing I really really wanted, which was to do a little travelling. See some things, do some things and ultimately just go with the flow and see what happened and where I ended up!

Then came choosing a destination. (I had to concede the fact that ‘everywhere’ wasn’t reeeally specific enough!)

BUT lucky for me, my lovely pal Emma, who I had the pleasure of living with last year, is from Australia and told me to come
So I took her up on it! (Let’s hope she wasn’t just being polite eh?)

Many months later, after living under austerity measures, working my socks off and saving saving saving… It’s actually happening!

As of today I officially smashed my savings goal for the trip!!
The flights are booked, and the visa obtained.

So on Sunday the 15th of November, I’ll be saying goodbye to lovely England for just over six months!!!

The Plan.
15/11/15- Heathrow to Sydney
17/11/15- FINALLY arrive in sydney , get picked up, go do an awesome starter pack and get ready for the working world down under!
Spend some time with my favourite Australian.
Work (literally) my way up the east coast to Brisbane!
30/04/16- Fly Bris to BALI
Have twenty glorious days there!
19/05/16- Fly home with a cheeky day layover in Singapore.
21/05/16- Home.


P.S The Go Pro will be accompanying me so brace for more fun videos and awkward setting-up selfies like these..

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