A Griffith Sunday

Today began with a very sleepy start encouraged by a few Jim Beams last night and the fact my cleaning work today had been cancelled!

However on my way back from the bathroom this morning I was asked if I wanted a few hours work and so ended up packing oranges on a farm just out of town, and I’m working there tomorrow too!

Being in a working hostel and finding work is SO much about timing! I’ve found (from not doing this at first) that it’s best get up relatively early, walk past the desk often and hang out in the communal areas at least until after midday. As if something last minute pops up and you are out at the shop, the dude sat in the kitchen is obviously going to get asked before you!

Post work today I set about making myself a poor mans Thai green chicken curry, which actually turned out pretty good!

I tucked in whilst randomly watching Scottish fishing documentary Trawlermen narrated by Peter Capaldi. It was strangely comforting to hear all the familiar accents, now to prep and sleep. 

Oh and I saw my first Kangaroos the other day at Griffith golf course! So caa-uuute!

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