Bali Beginning

Arriving in Bali.

Having just finished five months of backpacking around Australia (which you will get to read about all in good time), I was more than ready for a 30 day stay on Bali and Gili Gede.

I’d booked the majority of my accommodation before I even left the UK, wanderlust and excitement totally getting the better of me.

I’m grateful I did, after all that time budgeting and often not planning more than a day ahead to arrive in peaceful comparative luxury and have forked out months before was just swell.

The hotel offered an airport pick up, which I accepted, not knowing the first thing about getting around Bali.

It felt obscenely fancy searching for my name amongst the sea of waving name cards and then getting driven privately up to Ubud. (was also great not to have to deal with my first bout of taxi taxi guys!)

Much to his surprise I joined him in the front and we chatted away disjointedly about my trip and he gave me all sorts of recommendations! I even threw in some paltry Indonesian and he taught me to say thankyou in balinese- “Suksma”(sook-sooma).

FYI the national language is Balinese however most people also speak Indonesian and it is taught in schools so you can get by with just that, but it doesn’t hurt to know some Balinese if you are talking to older people especially out in smaller towns and villages 🙂

After nearly an hour’s drive we arrived at Liyer House, which is where ‘Eat Pray Love’ author Elizabeth Gilbert originally stayed  and part of the Julia Roberts movie version was filmed.

It was like stepping into paradise, after being taken to my room I showered and went to IMG_1286the little restaurant made up of several bales and had my first ever nasi goreng! (goreng=fried nasi=rice served with chicken and a fried egg).

Comfortably full I did the classic first day in bali thing and booked a massage.

60 minutes of full body bliss, followed by a flower petal filled bath and cleansing ginger tea, all for 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) that was just £7.50, sigh.

Meeting the locals.

And thus concluded my first night in Bali, falling asleep as soon as my relaxed head hit the pillow, probably due to the fact there were about 8 less people than usual in the room!

I whiled away my first few days strolling around hot but brilliant Ubud, meeting by chance some incredible people, eating well and sleeping great.

Just what the travel doctor ordered, oh and swimming in this lovely thing.


Stay Tuned for more Bali Adventures.


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