The Next Big Adventure. (I’m going to Uni!)


In answer to all those ‘So what now?’ questions that start creeping in after having been home a certain amount of time…

I have come to a spontaneous conclusion…

I’m going to University!!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve pondered it heaps and weighed many a pro and con.

And after much ado I’ve decided it’s exactly what I want to do.

‘What to study?!’ ‘Where??’ I hear you cry, well readers                                                                 (mostly relatives I’m sure, Hi Mum!)

I shall be studying ‘Creative and Media Writing’ at Portsmouth Uni!

(Hooray for Clearing!)

Growing up I always swore I’d never go to university in my own city, independence and faint dreams of Oxbridge calling in the distance.

But then I did a Musical Theatre Diploma instead of A levels and kissed those fancy establishments goodbye!

Not that I’d change that choice given the chance, ‘No Ragrets’ and all that.

But having actually researched the Uni, I’ve found it to have great facilities and a course I’m really into!

I get to make my writing my focus, trying my hand at all sorts of fun things and even planting the seeds for a relevant career with a salaried placement year halfway through.

So I’m stoked! Woo.

For a long while I thought I’d just give it a go my on my own, attend ‘The University of Life’ etc, but having floated back down to reality and finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to do what I love alongside real life, I came to the conclusion I could do both, and get an actual degree out of it.

And why the devil not?

So watch this space- soon I’ll be a qualified waffler! Wish me luck folks 🙂



Someone please send me a link to this in 20 years when I’m drowning in debt to remind me of the plucky optimism that got me into the mess in the first place hah!

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