Portsmouth Life

Sunsetting Southsea.

Today I was gripped, as I often am, by the urge to go and see something. Since I began to read Keri Smith’s The Wander Society, I seek more than ever the fresh outdoors.

One big benefit of going to university in your own city is knowing the ropes already. I know where the views are good, the coffee is cheap and the parking is free. Today, this urge and knowledge took me to the beach. Just along from the currently closed pier, I stopped on the side of the road as you can during the winter months, and sprang down onto the stones. The tide was low, allowing me to wander along the hard exposed sand and wonder at the beautiful sunset.

I like to look for unusual stones and shells and in my idle searching came across one large and very inhabited shell. I was more careful where I trod after that!

Just after the sun slipped away into another tomorrow, the sky turned impossibly pink in places. I was then treated to a personal airshow as a V of geese flew very low overhead.


It was nice to just be buffeted by the wind and to think of nothing at all. Walking back to my car I saw something new, Southsea Rose Garden! On exploration, I saw that at the minute it is full of clipped little bushes just biding their time, but I think it will be marvellous in summer.

What is even more wonderful, is that there is still so much to be discovered.


Salvitur Ambulando – It is solved by walking.


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