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A silver lining to my course not having that many contact hours is that I get to have weekday adventures. When not ardently, independently studying – of course.

On Fridays I only have one class, Telling Tales, which is all about mythology and folklore and all the different ways to ‘tell’ it. But, this isn’t until 3 p.m. so the day is often my oyster.

On this particular Friday, I happened to be accompanying my mum to Winchester. After we’d done what we had to do, we took the opportunity for a little exploring. This somehow led us to a garden centre. A cornucopia of life, teeming with exotic fish, sombre statues and leafy wonders.

Although, in typical British fashion, it was absolutely pouring down. So we had to content ourselves with its indoor delights. Having never really dabbled in the green arts before, I was flabbergasted by the sheer volume of seeds and plants on offer. I immediately wanted to grow EVERYTHING.

Arms overflowing with seed potatoes, flower packets and garlic bulbs, I was quickly brought back down to earth by the persistent drumming of rain on the centre’s tin roof.

It’s January.

Almost nothing can be planted in January. 

Deflated but not defeated, I decided to settle for some rather more humble windowsill ‘year round’ seeds.

I chose chickpeas and wheatgrass, and somehow still wonder when people mistakenly ask me if I’m a vegan. These seeds apparently grow on just wet kitchen roll. Thinking back to the successful cress experiments of primary school, I figured I could handle these at least.

I also impulse bought some garlic chives, because garlic is life, these require a bit more attention and a sprinkling of soil too.

We rewarded ourselves with a nice lunch in Molly’s Den, a little cafe -come- vintage bazaar, bursting at the seams with halloumi and trinkets galore. Heaven.

So now, hopefully, when I’m at my desk ardently, independently studying, I can procrastinate in a productive way and tend to my windowsill wonderland.

Watch this space!

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