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Pana Chocolate Heaven

Vegan, organic, raw, dairy-free, soya-free, gluten-free, low GI, No refined sugar…

Whatever your dietary desire may be, Pana Chocolate have got it covered.

Deliciously covered might I add.

Take this 60% cacao Sour Cherry and Vanilla chocolate bar for starters.

I was initially drawn to the cute cardboard packaging, (which – might I add – is recyclable and printed with vegetable inks!!), but I must admit it was a bit of an impulse buy. Having recently given up all dairy for various health and hormone-related reasons, which I will bore you with some other time, I am always on the look out for a chocolatey treat which doesn’t contain the dreaded Milk-word.

So I snapped up this little box of yum as soon as I saw it in Hunter Gatherer Coffee on Albert Road in Southsea at a Venezuelan Food pop-up event run by Arepa 2 Go (Which was a whole other world of dairy-free-delicious!).

The taste of the chocolate was darkly decadent without being bitter. The hint of vanilla mellowed out any of that usual dark tang, which I’m sure every dairy-free reader will be all too familiar with. Then came the kick of cherry, which immediately made my mouth water, followed by the surprise of actual chunks of moist cherry.

I want another bar now.

The flavour of the bar is rich enough and creamy enough to just get away with its ‘three servings per pack’. Just. Each ‘serving’ contains a mere 6.3g of fat and only 3.4g of sugar, so you can totally get away with an extra cube, or four.

I won’t tell if you don’t.

To learn more about this lovely Australian brand visit their website:

They have heaps of other lovely flavours which I simply cannot wait to try! Including Rose flavour and Pineapple and Ginger flavour. Y-U-M. Plus UK shipping is only £3.50!!

They actually have whole shops out in Aus where they sell all sorts of goodies, which somehow I missed when I was over there!

Well, I guess it just gives me another reason to go back, doesn’t it..?



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