Cornwall’s Little Italy 

Having arrived in Newquay in the evening, we set off dubiously looking for a place to eat. Around 9.30.p.m we stumbled upon Little Italy, halfway between Fistral and Newquay centre. We were welcomed in with smiles and rich smells of garlic. 

I had the house white which was delicate and well balanced, a wine anyone could enjoy, (always the sign of a good restaurant: good house wine=good everything else). 

I don’t eat dairy so I took the option the ‘make your own’ pizza. 

I had mixed courgette and aubergine, prawn, garlic, and olives.  

Weird combo but on a plain tomato base it was really great. 

All the ingredients were very high quality and fresh. My pals all ordered off of the menu and were really pleased with their selections! 

Great place for carnivores, veggies and vegans alike :). 

The service was really swift and friendly, even the chef said hi as I walked past the kitchen!

Would highly recommend this cute little restaurant, we had a fantastic evening. 

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