The Best Dinner Spot in Newquay

Cornwall always gives me the sensation of having fallen into Instagram, it’s always beautiful, even on gloomy days like the one we woke up to on this particular June morning. But luckily for us, the weatherman was wrong, and what had started out as a miserable morning (which we ironically chose as the best moment to go swimming) turned into a beautifully sunny day.

Out with the sun came all the fair weather sunbathers and splashers. Meaning that our momentous feat of bravery suddenly seemed like nothing. Sigh.

Before we get on to our wonderful dinner, it is only fair to mention our sub-par lunch. . .

To avoid the creeping tide we retreated to higher ground: Jon Buoy’s fish and chip shop, to be specific.

I have to be honest, it was not great food. It was everything that you want a fish supper to not be. Thick, un-crispy, pancake-y batter that smothered a piece of flaccid grey fish. I won’t go on, and I also will not recommend it to anyone anytime soon.

But hey, it made for some pretty pictures.


The rest of the day was devoted to some good old fashioned retail therapy. I was also a little disappointed by the lack of independent or quirky shops on the Newquay highstreet. We found little other than tourist or trinket shops. We soon left and whiled away the rest of the afternoon on a grassy bank, drinking cider and playing cards. Just what Saturdays are made for, no?

As the sun slipped lower we started to get a bit peckish and our thoughts turned to dinner. The sunny evening ruled out eating anywhere indoors, and our student-sized wallets picked out the perfect place to eat. . . the beach of course.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 13.52.31
The Pin Marks the Perfect Secluded Spot

Apart from a few bold seagulls and a curious shih tzu puppy , we had a whole little cove to ourselves. Usually blocked off by the sea, it felt like a well-kept secret.

Whilst enjoying the setting sun we gorged ourselves on Quorn sausage rolls, hummus and more, all bought a short walk away in Sainsbury’s. Thrifty eh?

If you too are blessed with the sun when visiting Newquay, I would 100% recommend ditching pricey restaurants with distant beach views and opt instead for a few hours on the sand with whatever food you fancy – at a fraction of the price.

Till next time, fellow wanderers!

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