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Aya Bad Swimming Pool: Salzburg 

This pool was conveniently located just along from our accommodation, Pension am Eschenbach. Coming from the UK I’m not used to pools being really clean and elegantly designed. The Aya Bad was an infinity pool and when you swam in it’s cool, clear waters you felt like they would never end. The water was perfectly clean and yet had no strong chemical scent of chlorine, I could even open my eyes underwater without the trademark sting. 

Outside of the pool was just as good. There was a slope leading up to a sun terrace on top of the building which was covered in real grass, so no burnt toes on hot paving there!

Also dotted around were little sauna huts which must get warm enough by the sun alone at the peak of the day. 

Overall the place was really beautiful and clean. 

It was €4.90 for an adult to swim in the outside pool, which is a little pricey, but for the quality of the facilities I would say it was fair, especially if you planned to spend a whole morning/afternoon there! 
Here is a link to the website! 

(Featured image is from this Website!) 

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