GUEST BLOG – I left my heart in the Highlands

A guest blog post I wrote for the awesome Marauding JJ’s website!

Analogue John

Guest blog by Kaitlin McKenzie.

I love flying. I love the adrenaline rush of takeoff, the always-blue skies, the excitement of going somewhere new.

Or, rather, in this case, somewhere that feels like home.

As the crew prepare for landing, I sit snugly in my Easyjet economy seat and peek down through the clouds at glimpses of the land below.

IMG_3101 EasyJet

Memories of descents toward destinations like lush, green Bali or burnt-red central Australia flit through my mind. But the land below me now is nothing like those.

Dark green hills roll like waves beneath us, sand-coloured lines squiggle across the terrain, forged by busy landrovers or wandering rivers.

The hills are covered by a patchwork quilt of green, dry grey, and heather brilliantly purple even from our altitude.

These are the hills of Scotland.

I spent the cloudier part of the plane journey leafing through the in-flight magazine. Oneโ€ฆ

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