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Seven Daily Views

I recently started an Instagram project called #DailyView. I got the idea whilst sat on the bench in the first image. The wind rustled the leaves and the day just caught my attention. I realised that we are surrounded by so much beauty every day. Anything you see with your eyes is a view.
Make sure you scroll right to the bottom to see where this project is taking me next…
But first, here are my seven daily views:
#DailyView A leafy lane, a Central Park by the sea. Autumn’s delightful sepia plague has begun, at last, in earnest. #southsea 🍁




Queensland, Australia.
A shock of blue and green.
An ocean of sugar cane laps at the feet of bush-covered hills, so large and exposed that they have their own weather system. ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️




Flat, red nothing.
I.e. The Nullabor plains.
Approximately a day’s journey of desert between Perth and Adelaide on the #indianpacific railway. 🚂
You could stare at the view for hours and see nothing more remarkable than a slightly bigger rock or shrub.
But I couldn’t look away. That was the point, the emptiness was beautiful. 🌞🌞🌞




Today’s #DailyViewaccompanies my latest blog post: ‘The Ultimate Life Hack’ (Link in Bio) 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
This was taken last year just south of Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia.
I was at a surf camp and one morning dragged myself out of a dorm crammed with hungover would-be surfers and headed for the beach.
I was so glad. The sunrise was incredible and the whole day was improved as a result. I even spotted Dolphins. 🐬
Get up early and live some more 🌅




This #DailyView was taken tonight, where I live in Hampshire, overlooking Paulsgrove Lake.
It’s funny because it isn’t a lake at all, it’s a direct part of the harbour.
I see this view everyday and yet it is never the same twice and that is why I love it.
#lovewhereyoulive #hampshire




#DailyView from this September on Dorback estate, in the Cairngorms, Scotland. IN AN ACTUAL CLOUD. ☁️☁️☁️




A throwback #DailyView today, to when I was happily lost in the heart of Australia, visiting the incredible Uluru.
No picture can ever do the enormity of ‘the rock’ justice nor the feeling of awe it inspires.
#mustvisit for anyone visiting Aus. 🌞✈️🌞

In this first seven day series, I mostly featured throwback views to explore the contrasts the world throws at us. But this being Monday, I am starting a new set with a plan to capture and appreciate what is around me. I think this is important, as lately, I’ve felt the travel itch more and more, which is making me resent being stuck in one place a little. So here is some self-medication to help me see the good in Portsmouth.
Wish me luck, I can’t wait to tell you how it goes. 
My first post is actually already up here on Instagram. As I put this post together, the sky began to darken and turn a strange yellow colour as a result of Hurricane Ophelia, so I had to capture and share it. 

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