Hi there, 

Welcome, Velkommen, Bienvenido, Benvenuto to my blog!

I have always loved to read. I’m an only child, so growing up, books were almost my brothers and sisters. Haven’t we all imagined ourselves as one of the red-haired Weasleys or as the secret sixth member of the Fantastic Five? I certainly have!!

My love of reading very naturally took me into a love of writing. As a result, I am now at University studying creative writing and it is also why I am sat here writing this blog!

I realised that if a book can take you all over the world from your own bedroom, it must be incredible to actually be in the place you are reading about. I was right, throughout my travels I have always sought out books that are set in my destination. There is something spine-tingling about being sat in the Australian Outback and reading Robyn Davidson perfectly describe the hot smell of the red dirt, in Tracks (1980).

It is a feeling I want to share with you lovely readers, so throughout my wanderings, I will share all my page turners and hopefully a few dynamite descriptions of my own!

Oh, and I feel I ought to explain the title, as I thought it was kinda canny.

It’s a quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream…

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”

Having spent a glorious year in Stratford-upon-Avon dabbling in the dark arts of theatre, ‘tis somewhat relevant.


I’m pretty short. 5ft 3 and a half, (the half is very important). And despite this, if you know me I’m sure you can agree I’m a tad obstinate when I think I’m right, no matter how big my adversary (brace for mouthy blog posts).

But even though I’m just a small insignificant dot both geographically and in the grand scheme of things, I fully intend to cover as much ground as possible and see, do and say as much as I possibly can – lucky for you dear reader.

Naturally it’s ‘wee’ because I’m loudly, proudly and a bit annoyingly happy to be from Scotland.

Plus someone else took the original quote…

But for me, it also links back to my love of literature.

As I continue to travel and read my way around the world, I hope I can find the words both printed and of my own to unlock the real secrets and essence of each destination.

And so, consider yourself officially filled-in.

So ta-ra for now! Those books won’t read themselves!


Blue Mountains, NSW, AUS.

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