My First Published Article!

A big baby-step yet very adulty thing has happened!

Earlier this year I interviewed Miranda Roberts, the President of the Portsmouth University’s Kickboxing and MMA Society. We talked about the sport itself but mainly focused on how it has improved her personal safety and other elements of her life.

Whilst writing the article, I attended a training session and really enjoyed it. So much so, I think I am going to sign up in year two!

I finished the article a while back and decided to submit it to the Uni paper, the Galleon.

Screenshot 2017-07-06 16.27.23
Look at my name all up in there!

Then I went off exploring Italy, which I’ll blog my head off about soon – fret not, and totally forgot about the article. Until today! When I was scrolling the news website and saw my name!

Which was pretty awesome.


You can check out the whole article here:


I have to go now, I need to tell my mum!


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